Cardboard of the Rings

Welcome from Chad, Jon, Chris 

Thank you to: Leo L, Lieven P, Marc L, Keith D

Announcements and News and Second News.

Random Review Redo

Top 10 Questions Asked by New Players 



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Show Notes

  • Welcome from Brad, Jon, Matt, Mark, and special guests Brandon and Caleb!
  • What's Dune, Precious?
  • Theater or HBO Max?
  • Snack Summit
  • Movie opinions sure to be correct: What worked, what didn't, and would a Dune newbie like it?
  • Inevitable Comparisons
  • Board Game Segment - aka The Most Matt Has Talked On This Show Ever.
  • TRIVIA! 
  • Final Thoughts
  • Brandon waxes rhapsodic about the Dune II RTS
  • More Final Thoughts
  • Farewells
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