Cardboard of the Rings

Welcome from Chad, Jon, Chris 

Special Guest: Andrew Navaro!

Thank you to: Marcus W, Daniel M, Audrin & Lain T, and Sam R

Interview with Andrew Navaro:

  • Insight into the early days of the game
  • Andrew's new company and it's goals
  • Earthborne Rangers

Announcements, News and Twitter

SLEX Swag reveal happened!  Stickers, Playmat, Coin, 400 sleeves!!

Andrew B. won the Tesseract Dividers

Random Review Redo? Song of Healing (Autumn's choice, of course)

ChapCon and LCG-Weekend recaps

ALEP: Chad's video of The Battle for the Beacon is on the CotR youtube channel.

You can watch Jon read another magazine on our YouTube Channel.


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