Cardboard of the Rings

Welcome from Chad, Jon, Chris, Matt, Mark, Aaron and Brad

Thank you to: Benedikt, Nicholas B, and Jamie W

Who was Walter?  OMG it was Denethor!

Announcements and news

Twitter Update

LOTR Holiday Music 

LOTR LCG Name Game (with a hint of Scotland)



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Welcome from Chad, Jon and Chris

Thank you to: Ryan B, Jeremy R, and Walter

Announcements and news

- 3rd AP announced with 90% of the cards!

Twitter Update

Wrath and Ruin card review



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Welcome from Chad, Jon and Chris

Thank you to: John S, Fabian, and Ian

Announcements and news

- Not much

Twitter Update

Top and Bottom 3 of the Ringmaker Cycle



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Join the Cardboard of the Rings crew (sans Chris) as we recap our amazing time at Con of the Rings 2019. 

This is a non-patreon supported, bonus episode.

Mortal Kombat, wardrobe malfunctions, and much more! 

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Welcome from Chad, Jon and Chris (and eventually Brad, Matt, Mark, and Aaron)

Thank you to: Stephen A, Joel C, and Morten D.

Announcements and news

- Fellowship 2020

- Happy 2nd Birthday to the 2nd Age!

- Bonus episode Con of the Rings recap episode coming soon.

Twitter Update: Check out the Vlogs!

New Player Advice (NPA)

-What's the deal with Threat?

First AMA with the whole crew!

Help a Beorning out:


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Welcome from Chad, Jon and Chris

Thank you to: Dave H, Rob T, Oliver, and Shawn

Announcements and news

- Con of the Rings 

- Stealth Errata

- The City of Ulfast

Twitter Update and 800 follower contest winner

New Segment! New Player Advice (NPA)

-How to know if a deck is playable solo?


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Welcome from Chad, Jon and Chris

Thank you to: Kristian Steinli, Moritz S and Tim

Announcements and news

Reddit Poem

Andrew Navaro's announcement

Watch Here

Chris has a blog? His big fan-driven project!

Our thoughts on the quests from A Shadow in the East

Chris's Long-expected Party

Sleeve, Store or Spoke game

Twitter Update, be sure to enter the 800 Followers Swag Contest


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Welcome from Chad, Jon and Chris

Special Guests: Melissa 

Thank you to Andrew H and Dimitri J

Jon and Melissa share strange tales

Announcements and news

A Shadow in the East Card reviews

Twitter Contest revealed for 2019 Swag

Couple of GenCon stories



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Jon takes the lead during this GenCon episode to give folks a chance to hear about GenCon as it happened. He is joined by Chad, Aaron, Bardlee, and many members of the Lord of the Rings: The Card Game community. Thank you to all the Patrons who make the podcast possible - this special episode is on us!

  • Epic Intro from Morten.
  • Wednesday night hopes and dreams and predictions which are almost immediately proven wrong.
  • Special Listener Event interviews with Owen Weber, Chrisjxn, Samthemangamgee, some dude named Caleb selling some Marvel game, Nhoj263 and Verdesalice, Brosie Cotton, and Morten (spoken word only this time).
  • True Dungeon tales - or rather, tales from True Dungeon.
  • Jon interviews NATE [Morgul Dolphin]-ing FRENCH at After Dark!
  • Sunday morning wrap-up. You can't handle the energy.
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Welcome from Brandon Chad, Chris

Special Guests: Jon, Brad, Mark, Aaron and Brandon

Thank you to Mathias O and Thomas H

GenCon Announcements

Live Trivia for Deluxe and Cycle

So. Much. News!

Thumbnail Game

BIG Twitter news and contest winner

CotR Hosts card contest winner and favorites

Brandon's Real or Fake Game


And MUCH laughter and reminiscing throughout this very special episode.


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Welcome from Chad, Jon, Chris

Thank you to Zack R and Jason P

Twitter update



Episode 150 Links

CotR Hosts card contest

CotR Hosts in Card Form

Brandon's Real or Fake Game

Real or Fake

Action Windows Video


Fate of the Wilderland Card Reviews

Quick thoughts on the cycle as a whole


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Welcome from Chad, Jon, Chris

Thank you to Kim K and Joseph G

Twitter update


GenCon quest revealed

More reprints and sneaky errata

The Passing of the Grey Company


Deckbuilding: Why a deck fails?




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Welcome from Chad, Jon, Chris

Special guests: Brad aka Bardlee

Thank you to Thaddeus and Will L


Journeys in Middle Earth articles

More reprints

GenCon registration May 19th

The White Book LOTR/GOT event


Top and Bottom 3 from the 3rd cycle

Twitter update


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Welcome from Chad, Jon, Chris, Aaron

Special guests: Mark and John from Free Men of the North

Thank you to Brett and Etienne

Name that Hound winner  


Journeys in Middle Earth articles


A Shadow in the East


Mount Gundabad player card reviews

Con of the Rings announcement and details.

Buy your tickets before it sells out here:

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Welcome from Chad, Jon and eventually Chris

Special guest: Lead Designer and Emery Nominee Caleb Grace!

Thank you to Matt H, Josh W

Name that Hound Finalist 

Vote Here


Journeys in Middle Earth Live streams and articles

The Digital game Steam update and new content


Caleb gives a Lure of Middle Earth recap

Caleb takes a hot second to answer our burning questions


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Welcome from Chad, Chris, and Jon

Special guest: Daan, aka Durin's Father

Thank you to Marc F, Lewis I



Daan guides the gang through a discussion about keeping multiple decks built at once.


Daan's awesome blog:

Custom storage using deluxe boxes

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  • Welcome from Chad, Chris, and Jon
  • Special guest Jeff and Aubrey
  • Thank you to Cullen, Daniel
  • No News
  • The Gang interviews The 2018 Game designer of the year
  • Ghost of Framsburg card reviews
  • Chad joins the Digital Game to play co-op mode.
  • Farewells
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  • Welcome from Chad, Chris, and Jon
  • Thank you to Daniel, Sven, and Patrick
  • Journeys in Middle Earth
  • The 2nd Emerys
  • Seastan's Action Window Guide
  • Farewells
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