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Jon takes the lead during this GenCon episode to give folks a chance to hear about GenCon as it happened. He is joined by Chad, Aaron, Bardlee, and many members of the Lord of the Rings: The Card Game community. Thank you to all the Patrons who make the podcast possible - this special episode is on us!

  • Epic Intro from Morten.
  • Wednesday night hopes and dreams and predictions which are almost immediately proven wrong.
  • Special Listener Event interviews with Owen Weber, Chrisjxn, Samthemangamgee, some dude named Caleb selling some Marvel game, Nhoj263 and Verdesalice, Brosie Cotton, and Morten (spoken word only this time).
  • True Dungeon tales - or rather, tales from True Dungeon.
  • Jon interviews NATE [Morgul Dolphin]-ing FRENCH at After Dark!
  • Sunday morning wrap-up. You can't handle the energy.
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