Cardboard of the Rings

Welcome from Chad, Jon, and Eric

Thank you Anthony B, Brennan M, Dan AKA KennedyHawk, Brent M

Announcements and News 

Massive Multiplayer online January 15th  at 1:30 pm Eastern, which is 7:30 pm Central European time: The Nine are Abroad

Random Review Redo: OF PAIN!

Community Round-up 

Spreadsheet with community information:

Other notable community contributers:

  • Grey Company Podcast
  • Tales from the Cards blog
  • Three is Company Podcast
  • Lotr LCG Facebook Group
  • Warden of Arnor blog
  • Monday Night Twitch
  • League of Cooperative Gaming discord server
  • Lotr Quest Companion
  • Ringsdb deck builder
  • Dragn cards
  • Herr der Ringe LCG Wiki german resource\
  • Late of the Rings podcast
  • Con of the Rings convention
  • Lotr Deck Tech deckbuilding series
  • Master of Lore blog
  • 10th Nazgul/Hive Tyrant videos
  • Secondhand Took blog
  • Mirkwood Runner blog
  • Susurros del bosque viejo spanish resource
  • Team Covenant videos
  • Lure of Middle Earth Convention
  • Legacy of Feanor custom content
  • GeckoTH custom content
  • Ninjadorg custom content
  • Feonix custom content
  • Riddermark Lord alt arts
  • Burger Tokens tokens
  • Drac tokens
  • Buy the Same Token tokens
  • The BGG dividers - a few different flavors. Nine Riders (tlawrence) and Ryno (originally Ryno, now maintained by Malarick) are most popular
  • Tesseract games dividers
  • The box project - Ira and Jason working to make custom printed boxes to house cycles
  • Non-LOTR: Biglof, Vardean, and Wandering Took: Critical Encounters and Daniel's Podcast: The Canon Reviewed



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