Cardboard of the Rings

Remembering a dear friend, Hal.

Welcome from Chad, Jon, & Chris

Thank you to: Darren F, Simon P, Arnold D

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Random Review Redo: Let the Discord decide.

Top 4/Bottom 3 of the Harad cycle



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Welcome from Chad, Jon, & Chris

Special Guests: I don't know half of them half as well as I would like.

Thank you to: Steve C, Colin O, Chris T

Announcements and News

Swag: Shipped!  (all of it!)

League of Cooperative Gaming Discord server  The Return of the Kang January 22-24, 2021

The community and hosts reminisce about the game and the community now that the final AP has been released.

CotR is not ending, we felt this was a good time to have this topic on the show.

Patreons can join the COTR Minecraft server


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